Two different ways to change your life!

I Quit Overeating is a program that teaches you, step-by-step, the habits and mindsets you need to feel in control over food. 


  • Perfect for the DIYer who wants to learn and apply the concepts on their own
  • This solo version will give you 8 weeks of DAILY lessons in both written and podcast format
  • Each day ends with a prompt for reflection or an exercise designed to help you process, absorb, and apply the teachings to your own unique situation
  • Designed to only take 5-10 minutes of your day
laptop and I Quit Overeating workbook
group of woman in forest


  • Find a sense of belonging as you join fellow I Quit Overeaters in our group coaching program. You will join a like-minded community of people all with the same goal.
  • Access coaching from Jessica, the Dietitian and founder of I Quit Overeating. Jessica is active in the group every single day, providing encouragement, answering questions, & giving feedback.
  • Hard life changes, like changing engrained eating patterns, are made infinitely easier when you have a community of people to journey with

IQO society is currently in session with an amazing group of participants.

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